Who We Are

CITRAL is a research hub that promotes and supports inclusive, equitable, and just teaching and learning. We collaborate with others to systematically study teaching and learning and develop evidence-based programs and innovations across campus. CITRAL is a collaboration between the UC Santa Barbara Office of Undergraduate Education and the UCSB Library.

For more information about any of our programs, please contact us at citral@ltsc.ucsb.edu or email CITRAL staff or partners directly.

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Our Team

  • Faculty Director/Associate Dean
  • Office of Undergraduate Education

I'm the Faculty Director of CITRAL. I am also Professor of Writing Studies and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education. I've been a writing teacher for almost 30 years, teaching undergraduate courses like first year writing (aka freshman composition) and writing and civic engagement and graduate courses on writing theory, practice, and assessment. In all of these roles I work with faculty and students to study structures and practices associated with knowledge-making (like writing!), and to make those practices more accessible. I do all of this because I'm passionate about creating inclusive and equitable structures and activities for learners and teachers. 

My interests in knowledge-making, teaching, and learning are also reflected in my research. I'm author, co-author, or co-editor of nine books (with a tenth on the way) and dozens of articles and book chapters. The primary audience for this work are other faculty members in my discipline of writing studies/composition and rhetoric; however, some of my work circulates among people interested in teaching and learning across disciplines. I'm author, co-author, or co-editor of 10 books and more than 55 articles and book chapters, including  Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies and (Re)Considering What We Know: Learning Thresholds in Writing, Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy. I regularly consult/conduct talks and workshops for faculty, administrators, and others around the country on issues related to writing, learning, and professional/faculty development.

Prior to my work in CITRAL I was Director of the UC Santa Barbara Writing Program; I also spent two years as Interim Co-Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education in the College of Letters and Science at UCSB. I am the past chair of the Conference on College Composition and Communication; a member of the National Council of Teachers of English Executive Committee, and a Past President of the Council of Writing Program Administrators. In these roles I've worked with writing and literacy teachers/faculty pre-K through graduate school on research, policy, pedaogy, and initiatives to support literacy educators and learners around the country and the world. To read more about my professional work, feel free to view the CV attached to this profile.

When I'm not writing, reading, or working with faculty colleagues, I spend time cycling, sometimes hiking, and being outdoors as much as possible.

Anne Charity Hudley
  • Faculty Fellow
  • Director of Undergraduate Research

I am the Director of Undergraduate Research for the College of Letters and Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a CITRAL Faculty Fellow. I am the North Hall Endowed Chair in the Linguistics of African America in the Linguistics Department. I am also Faculty-in-Residence in the Santa Catalina Residences and San Joaquin Villages.

I am a sociolinguist with a focus on African-American language and culture and educational linguistics. My research and publications address the relationship between language variation and Pre-K-16 educational practices and policies. I also write about inclusion in higher education as a whole. I have co-authored three books and one edited collection and I’ve written or co-authored over 25 articles and book chapters. The focus of my work has been on the actions that educators can take to create high impact inclusive learning environments with, rather than for students. As such, I have led numerous workshops, conferences and other events for faculty and I look forward to continuing that work with CITRAL.

I also write about undergraduate research, particularly for students to use themselves. I co-authored the book The Indispensable Guide to Undergraduate Research: Success in and Beyond College with Cheryl Dickter and Hannah Franz so that the questions that many students had asked us about undergraduate research over the years could be found in one place.

My work research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, the Mellon Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Jessie Bal duPont Fund, and the Bank of American Foundation. I have also worked to secure financial support from individual donors in support of undergraduate research and scholarships for underrepresented students in particular.

I am a member of the Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) and I have served as a member of the National Council of Teachers of English Research Committee. I have been a consultant to the National Research Council Committee on Language and Education and to the National Science Foundation’s Committee on Broadening Participation in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) sciences.

I love to travel and to think about traveling. I also love to throw themed parties and events. I’ve been a singer and dancer my entire life. Teaching has a great element of performance to it, so every day is a show!

  • Associate Director

I am the Associate Director at the Center for Innovative Teaching, Research, and Learning at the University of California Santa Barbara. I am involved in projects that explore the role of pedagogical innovations on students’ sense of belonging in large universities. My research focuses on the intersection of student academic and social experiences within the context of R1 institutions. I am also the project director for UCSB’s ECoach project, where I work with faculty members and students across the university to contribute to the development of successful learning behaviors of undergraduate students in large gateway courses. I collaborate with faculty across STEM, Social Sciences, and Humanities to develop and implement low-stakes class assignments that foster inclusive learning experiences for students. I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science at the University of California Santa Barbara. My research in Political Science focused on the role of university experiences on the political attitudes of ethnic minority students in Latvia and Kazakhstan.  


Throughout my time at UCSB, I have participated in the development of program assessment for graduate and undergraduate programs. My work with the undergraduate assessment program has extended to my research on student learning.  I am the co-author of “When are we ever going to have to use this?” Discussing Programmatic Learning Outcomes in the Classroom,” published in the Journal of Political Science Education. 


In my free time, I spend my days either wandering through art museums or chasing after my dog on the beach.


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  • Transitions Director
Karissa Gómez
  • Program Assistant
  • Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities
  • Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Program Assistant
  • 805-893-6137
  • Assessment Coordinator
  • Office of Budget and Planning
Elina Salminen Photo
  • Coordinator for Engaging Humanities

Partners & Affiliates

Lisa Berry
  • Instructional Development

As a Senior Instructional Consultant in Instructional Development, I work individually with faculty members to enhance their courses, plan campus-wide teaching events and workshops, and direct the TA Development Program. I have broad expertise in pedagogy, course/curriculum design, educational technologies, assessment, and evaluation of teaching. Some of my particular interests include creating authentic learning experiences, positioning students as co-creators of knowledge, and leveraging technology to make large classes feel small. Before my ten years as an Instructional Consultant, I designed and taught courses for the Environmental Studies Department at UCSB.

Mindy Colin
  • Instructional Development

As an Instructional Consultant in Instructional Development, I work directly with professors and graduate students to enrich the teaching and learning experience at UCSB one class at a time. Apart from individual consultations with instructors, I conduct a variety of pedagogy workshops, create the TALES podcasts, and lead the annual Summer Teaching Institute for Associates. I also collaborate with instructors to conduct research on instruction in Higher Education and to develop their online and hybrid courses. Over the past 20 years I have worked as a faculty developer, teacher trainer, instructional designer and educational consultant in multiple countries. I specialize in educational technology, teaching strategies, student-centered pedagogy, course design, and education reform in developing countries

  • Teaching Fellow in Residence

A first-in-family college graduate from the Ohio, Kathy earned her PhD with Dr. David Asai at Purdue University studying the biochemistry and molecular basis of cell division and motility. As an NIH Kirschstein Postdoctoral Scholar, she investigated the recognition mechanisms of sperm-egg interaction at SUNY-Stony Brook before joining the UCSB faculty in 1993. A Searle Scholar and NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow, Kathy continues to pursue questions of cellular recognition and signal control and was recognized as an AAAS Fellow in 2018 for that work and her contributions to STEM education. In addition to mentoring students in the research lab and advising, she teaches a variety of courses from small graduate seminars, INT courses, and research methods courses, to large lecture courses and an advanced upper division laboratory course. Committed to student learning and drawing on her first gen experiences, she has also been recognized with the MLPS Teaching Award and considers her students as junior colleagues, inviting them to join in the lifelong journey of learning.

  • UCSB Library

As the Instruction Program Coordinator at UCSB Library, I regularly work with Librarians, Faculty, and Students to deliver and enhance teaching and learning opportunities associated with information literacy. In this role, I help to facilitate instruction sessions taught by librarians and develop curricula with faculty and librarians to meet students' academic research needs. I am also a practitioner. I teach multiple instruction sessions every quarter and collaborate with various departments both in and outside the library to further the development of the Library Instruction Program. My work is highly centered around the idea of information literacy as a set of skills, dispositions, and competencies that must be continually honed in context. I have an extensive background in teaching and learning and an affinity for applying these skills to academic libraries, both face-to-face and online. I have been working in academic libraries in a teaching capacity for over 7 years, and have interests in andragogy, online learning technologies, instructional design, and active learning techniques. 

  • (805)893-4852
  • Instructional Development

As the Executive Director of Instructional Development, I manage the campus department responsible for all aspects of instructional support for Ladder Faculty, Lecturers, Teaching Assistants, and Teaching Associates. I have extensive experience in effective applications of educational technology, instructional design, simulation design, visualization, assessment of student learning, and evaluation of courses. Since 2000, in alternate years, I co-teach a graduate seminar, “Teaching and Learning with Digital Media”, with Professor Dorothy Chun.

  • Teaching Fellow in Residence

I am an associate professor in political science who has been at UCSB for about 14 years. My research and teaching ranges from research design (especially quantitative methods) to political parties, democratic representation, and political institutions in comparative perspective, especially in the advanced industrial democracies. I have been involved in a variety of campus-level activities, many centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the last few years, with the help of ONDAS, CITRAL, and Instructional Development, I have been working to re-think my pedagogy. I have focused on putting issues of inclusion front and center; embracing active learning and modeling; better utilizing technology judiciously to connect me to students and students to each other; and being explicit about my pedagogy. I look forward to talking with fellow faculty about all of these issues, and more!

  • Teaching Fellow in Residence

I am an Associate Professor of Musicology at UCSB, and my research focuses on the critical history of opera and early modern music history. In both my research and teaching I explore how musical cultures carry histories, and how our histories and social realities are shaped and inflected by expressive practices. I am the author of Opera’s Orbit: Musical Drama and the Influence of Opera in Arcadian Rome (Cambridge, 2011), former co-editor of Cambridge Opera Journal, and a past director of the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Music at UCSB. Most people have something to say about music, which is why it is a great subject to engage students and create timely and important conversations across the humanities. My areas of expertise and interest have offered a rich source for diverse and interdisciplinary teaching projects. In 2019-2020, I was a faculty fellow in the Engaging Humanities Program (supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation) and created one of the program’s Discovery Courses, “Exploring Voices,” that I co-designed and co-taught with three other graduate student fellows. Also in 2019-2020, I participated in the Ondas Faculty Development Seminar, which inspired new approaches for developing inclusive practices and research-based methods in my teaching.

CITRAL Advisory Board

Gerardo Aldana, Chicano/Chicana Studies

Glenn Beltz, Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Risa Brainen, Theater and Dance

Anne Charity Hudley, Linguistics and Director of Undergraduate Research, URCA

Rolf Christofferson, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Darby Feldwinn, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kathy Foltz, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Mary Hegarty, Psychological and Brain Science and Associate Dean, Graduate Division

John Majewski, History and Michael Douglas Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts 

Don Marolf, Physics

Andrew Maul, Department of Education, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Kate McDonald, History

Mark Meadow, History of Art and Architecture

Rebecca Metzger, UCSB Library

George Michaels, UCSB Instructional Development

Dorothy (Dolly) Mullin, Communication

Laury Oaks, Feminist Studies

Malaphone Phommasa, Director of Academic Success Initiatives, Office of Undergraduate Education

Madeleine Sorapure, Writing Program

Jeffrey Stopple, Math and Associate Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education

Cristina Venegas, Film and Media Studies

Vanessa Woods, Psychological and Brain Sciences