Teaching and learning in large courses

Teaching and learning in large courses

CITRAL can help faculty and TAs with strategies to make large courses personalized and inclusive. We provide technologies, workshops, and pedagogical support to foster inclusive teaching and learning that can provide "small course" experiences for students, even in courses that enroll hundreds.

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which provides tailored, data-driven, expertly developed coaching focusing on learning to hundreds of students in one course. ECoach is a collaboration with University of Michigan's Office of Academic Innovation.

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The CITRAL/ONDAS Seminar on Inclusive Teaching

A three-quarter, facilitated seminar that provides faculty with the opportunity to collaborate with others from across the campus and to develop innovative interventions or course revisions to support inclusive teaching and learning.

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Sponsored by a U.S. Department of Education Title V HSI grant, the ONDAS Seminar focuses broadly on how faculty from across the university can make classes and academic disciplines more inclusive. The seminar provides faculty to engage with theory and practice with two bodies of research that concern making teaching and learning more explicit and accessible for learners. One body of literature is related to epistemological inclusion and novice-expert practices; the other concerns identities and educational experiences for students and faculty. The seminar meets for a full academic year, roughly every two weeks during fall, winter, and spring quarters. As a result of their study, discussion, and application, faculty design and implement interventions in specific courses that make those courses more inclusive and equitable.

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Undergraduate course mentoring education

CITRAL supports and provides courses for students who work as undergraduate course mentors in courses across the university.

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