Effective communication

Effective Communication

Now more than ever, students need to develop skills to become effective, flexible communicators. CITRAL provides workshops for faculty and TAs and special courses to support this development. Contact us to learn more about:

The CITRAL Workshop on Writing and Learning

This four-session workshop helps faculty and TAs design, teach, and assess writing effectively in courses of any size.

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CITRAL Seminar on Writing and Learning (for TAs/faculty in WR courses)

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Writing requirement (WR) courses are some of the most important that students take during their time at UC Santa Barbara. They help students develop their writing strategies within the discipline. Equally important, they help students develop a skill essential for good writing: studying and deciding how to meet the different expectations for writing that exist in different contexts.

This workshop will provide strategies for TAs (and faculty) to design, teach, and assess writing more effectively and efficiently in WR courses. Participants will take away concrete activities to:

  • Design effective and engaging activities for lecture

  • Build writing instruction into sections

  • Prioritize and focus comments on student writing

  • Grade effectively and efficiently

The workshop meets for 2 hours/session. TAs who complete the workshop are eligible for a $300 stipend. TAs may also complete additional assignments to receive graduate credit (under a WRIT course number) for the workshop. The workshop is also open to faculty teaching WR courses; faculty who complete the entire workshop will receive $300 in course development or revision funding. Snacks will be provided!

Each day of the workshop will involve highly interactive, focused activities to help TAs (and faculty) teach and assess writing more efficiently and effectively.

Participants should allow time to attend all sessions of the workshop, and to complete relatively brief reading/debriefing activities prior to the next day’s meeting.

Broadly, the workshop will include:

  • Studying writing in your discipline/identifying good writing

  • Personal and disciplinary expectations and experiences of writing

  • Understanding WR outcomes and implications for assignments and activities

  • Strategies for reading, interpretation, and analysis in your discipline

  • Using writing in large lecture courses

  • Writing to learn/formative writing

  • Writing to demonstrate/summative writing

  • Assessing writing:

  • Identifying priorities

  • Formative and summative feedback

  • Feedback - Peer review and instructor commenting practices

  • Assessment, identities, and cultures

Contact Linda Adler-Kassner if  your department would like to have a department-specific CITRAL WL/WR seminar.

The CITRAL Workshop on Teaching for New UCSB Faculty

This workshop orients new faculty to teaching in the minority-serving research university.

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CITRAL/ID Workshop for New and Nearly New Faculty


Linda Adler-Kassner (CITRAL)

Mindy Colin and Lisa Berry (Instructional Development)

Carlos Nash (Graduate Division)

The CITRAL/Instructional Development Workshop for New and Nearly New Faculty helps faculty learn more about principles and strategies for teaching and learning with students in our minority-serving institution.

The workshop series begins with a one half-day session focusing on disciplinarity, learning theory, active learning, and assessment.  For 2018-19, there will be two offerings of that session; the Fall quarter half-day workshop will be held on Friday, October 5 from 8:30-12. The Winter quarter half-day workshop will be held on Friday, January 18 from 8:30-12.)

To complete the series, faculty then choose three additional workshops from a menu of workshops that we’ll provide during the half-day session.

UCSB faculty who would like to attend can indicate interest using  this form. Workshops will be held in the Center for Innovative Teaching, Research, and Learning in the UCSB Library (room 1576).

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Adler-Kassner at adler-kassner@ltsc.ucsb.edu.

The Graduate Division/CITRAL Workshop on Teaching Graduate Student Writing

This two-part workshop supports faculty working with students as they move into and through any academic discipline.

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Graduate Division/CITRAL Workshop on Teaching Graduate Student Writing

Facilitator: Robby Nadler, Ph.D., Graduate Writing Specialist, Graduate Division

In this two-part workshop, faculty will work with a writing expert to develop efficient and effective strategies for working with graduate student writers. In the first workshop, participants will establish a foundation of writing concerns that faculty consistently see in their students' writing. After having several weeks to reflect on the concerns raised, all participants will reunite for a second workshop where the writing specialist will address the raised writing concerns in detail. Specifically, he will provide strategies for how faculty can address those concerns through commenting, teaching, and course development. These workshops are facilitated by Dr. Robby Nadler, Graduate Writing Specialist, Graduate Division. Please note that the workshop is limited to ten participants; confirmed participants will receive an email prior to the workshop.

Remixing Research Assignments: Digital Tools for Engaging Learning

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Facilitator: Madeleine Sorapure, Director, UCSB Writing Program

Research-based assignments can sometimes feel dry for students and for instructors. This workshop will introduce multi-modal alternatives that can re-invigorate learning to energize the process for everyone involved.

Attendees should bring a research-based assignment and a laptop to this hands-on workshop. They'll leave with new strategies for research-based writing, especially for undergraduates.

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STEMWrite helps faculty design writing activities to help students work with challenging course topics without adding extra work for faculty or TAs. Email Linda Adler-Kassner, CITRAL Director, to learn more.

Discovery@UCSB seminars

Offered through the Division of Undergraduate Education for entering UCSB courses, these seminars enable students to get to know UCSB faculty and their disciplines and ways of thinking in small courses.

Discovery@UCSB seminars for Undergraduates

Discovery@UCSB seminars for Faculty