Programs and Learning Events

CITRAL generates new knowledge, conducts research, and supports innovative teaching and assessment by focusing on on five broad areas. 

  • Teaching and learning in large courses. CITRAL facilitates and supports pedagogical innovations, often incorporating innovative technologies, to create personalized and inclusive learning in large courses.
  • Effective communication. CITRAL provides workshops to help faculty and TAs teach critical writing, reading, and speaking across the curriculum. CITRAL also facilitates Discovery@UCSB seminars, where students learn to study expectations for communication and learning across disciplines.
  • Information and data literacyCollaborating with UCSB librarians, Institutional Research, and other partners, CITRAL helps faculty use data to improve teaching, and incorporate data and information literacy in courses.
  • Teaching and learning in minority-serving institutions. CITRAL helps disseminate evidence-based practices to improve teaching and learning, provides workshops and opportunities to develop inclusive teaching practices, and provides support and leadership programs for underrepresented faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.
  • Engaged assessment. CITRAL helps coordinate institutional accreditation and provides support for faculty to design innovative assessments to inform teaching and learning. 


CITRAL also serves as the umbrella for teaching innovations:

 * is an integrative program that engages faculty and students in innovative humanities study. Engaging Humanities launched in the spring of 2019 with a pedagogy seminar for faculty and graduate students, and the first courses associated with the initiative were offered in the summer. Further courses, mentoring, and instructor development opportunities will be offered throughout the upcoming academic year. The program aims to increase student engagement, persistence, and success in humanities disciplines, with special attention to our economically and ethnically diverse student body. The program enhances the pedagogical practices of instructors and develops innovative curricular models that convey the connection between humanistic study, real-world issues, and a variety of rewarding career pathways. CITRAL will welcome the first cohort of Engaging Humanities undergraduate students with a reception on September 25th. Engaging Humanities fosters innovative teaching and engaged learning in Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA) disciplines through pedagogical education, learning communities, graduate mentoring, electronic portfolios, and innovative programming. EH is sponsored by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


 * is a platform that provides personalized coaching for students in large courses to support effective learning and foster self-confidence and self-efficacy. Since 2017, ECoach has been used in 7 courses at UCSB across disciplines such as STEM and social sciences.


Sloan Equity and Inclusion in Intro STEM Courses (SEISMIC) is a collaboration between 10 institutions across the United States.  The purpose of the project is to identify and work on issues associated with equitable teaching and learning in STEM disciplines. CITRAL serves as the convening site for UCSB's participation in the Sloan Equity and Inclusion in STEM Introductory Courses project, or SEISMIC. Together, members of the collaborative will identify and work on issues associated with equitable teaching and learning in STEM disciplines. As part of the collaboration, members of UCSB community will work with scholars from other member institutions to test the role of various innovations in helping students develop higher levels of self-efficacy, effective study habits, and senses of belonging in a university setting. For more information about SEISMIC visit the websiteIf you have a questions about SEISMIC at UCSB please contact Maggie Safronova


Access to Practice (AtP) * provides expert support and technological assistance for faculty to implement structured peer-reviewed writing assignments sometimes known as “writing to learn” assignments.  Instructors use the EliReview platform to implement the writing activities in their class. 



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